Concerned family member or friend? We know that a family member or someone you care for with an alcohol or drug addiction can be disruptive, have a negative impact upon relationships and even cause you to live in constant fear.

Is someone you love struggling with an Addiction?

The Breakthrough Forum is focused on reducing harm to our people, our whānau and our communities from the use of methamphetamines and other addictive substances. Our members come from a wide range of health and social agencies that are working to create healthier communities.

One of our core objectives is to develop easy pathways for individuals or families looking for help. This website allows people to understand what is available and quickly find the right agency.

Directory of Support Services

Our Directory of nationwide and local organisations is here to help guide you to find the support you need, whether it be counseling, support groups, helplines, recovery and support programmes or rehab facilities.

24hr Line

0800 800 508

Crisis Line

0800 543 345



24hr Helpline

0800 787 797

Need to Talk?

0508 272 834


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