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Learn More About Drugs

There are lots of different drugs being used in our community. Click on the links to learn more about some drugs of choice, how they make people feel, how they can hurt people and how the harm can be reduced. More information on other drugs can be found at the NZ Drug Foundation.


Ka whai i te whānuitanga o ngā kōrero mō te Tiota Whakaihi.

Methamphetamine, often just called meth or P, is an amphetamine drug ‘cooked’ in illegal ‘labs’. Meth can come as a pill, powder, crystal or liquid and is often smoked in a glass pipe or bong. Meth can also be swallowed, snorted or injected.


Ka whai i te whānuitanga o ngā kōrero mō te Taru Rauhea.

Cannabis, often called weed or pot, comes from a plant that can be grown in New Zealand. Cannabis can come as dried leaves, resin or oil and is normally smoked. You have a strong chance of becoming dependent if you use a lot.


Ka whai i te whānuitanga o ngā kōrero mō te Waipiro.

Alcohol, often called drink, booze, or grog, comes from fermented sugars found in plants. Alcohol is found in beer, RTDs, wines and spirits. The sale of alcohol is controlled to try and reduce the harm it can cause. Alcohol abuse is common.


Ka whai i te whānuitanga o ngā kōrero mō te Kukarau.

Cocaine, often called coke, crack or snow, is made from the leaves of the coca plant. It is usually a white powder. Crack cocaine is cocaine mixed with other chemicals and turned into crystals. Cocaine is not commonly used in New Zealand.


Ka whai i te whānuitanga o ngā kōrero mō te Taru Horihori.

Synthetic cannabinoids, often called syns, spice or chronic, are a man-made synthetic cannabis that is sprayed on dried plant material so it can be smoked. Synthetics can also come as a liquid which can be used in a vaporiser.

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Our Directory of nationwide and local organisations is here to help guide you to find the support you need, whether it be counseling, support groups, helplines, recovery and support programmes or rehab facilities.


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