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Directory of Tauranga Addiction Support Services

The Breakthrough Forum is focused on reducing harm to our people, our whānau and our communities. One of our core objectives is to develop easy pathways for individuals looking for the best help. Below is a list of Tauranga Addiction Support services to help you or your loved one through addiction and substance abuse categorised by location.


Amped4life helps our communities fight drug and alcohol problems. They work with schools, community groups and work places to help teenagers makes better life choices.

Phone: 021 461 325

Baywide Community Law

BCL gives free legal help to people on low income - including family court and care of children, domestic violence, loss of housing, and harm in the home or community.

Phone: (07) 571 6812

Mental Health & Addiction Service

Mental Health and Addiction Services provide community-focused care, underpinned by recovery and harm reduction models. The services are supported by a 24-hour seven-day a week acute/crisis service and acute admission inpatient services.

Phone: (07) 579 8391

BOP Sexual Health Clinics

Free drop in clinics for sexual health checks, STI (sexually transmitted infections) tests and treatments.

Phone: (07) 579 8157

BOP Therapy Foundation

The Bay of Plenty Therapy Foundation helps people with counselling who cannot normally pay for help.

Phone: (07) 544 8384

Brave Hearts NZ

Brave Hearts is a free support service for people with loved ones in the grips of substance abuse and addiction. They hold group meetings and provide phone support.

Phone: 0508 272 834

Emerge Aotearoa

Emerge Aotearoa works with users and their whānau to reduce the harm caused by drugs. This includes looking at your background and culture, including Maori, Pacific Islands, Asian and European. Help can be with counselling, community support or finding housing.

Phone: (07) 579 9020

Family Link

Family Link Fieldworkers educate support and advocate for Family and Whānau who have a loved one experiencing addiction and/or mental unwellness. They also educate, support and advocate for children and youth from the ages of 7 to 17 who have a parent or sibling experiencing addiction and/or mental unwellness.

Phone: (07) 577 1457

Family Works Northern

Family Works Northern helps build strong families and helps children and their families to learn, grow and thrive. They help with counselling, group programmes and family violence prevention.

Phone: (07) 575 9709

Get Smart Tauranga

Get Smart Tauranga works alongside youth up to the age of 24 keeping them safe from harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. Help is given by free counselling from this Christian group, who also gives out free food and drinks from its Street Help van on Friday and Saturday nights.

Phone: (07) 571 3712 or 0800 571 3712

Grief Support

Grief Support gives counselling and information for everyone experiencing grief and loss including individual, whānau and family sessions.

Phone: (07) 578 4480

Hanmer Clinic Tauranga

Hanmer Clinic helps people that want to stop using alcohol and drugs. Help starts with free counselling for 8-weeks so people can stop using drugs while staying at work. This is followed by regular care groups that help you stay drug free.

Phone: (07) 579 6470 or 0800 842 426

Huria Trust

Huria Trust works in Judea to help youth, family and whānau reduce the harm caused by drugs, and other health problems.

Phone: (07) 578 7838


Junction gives one-on-one support and group meeting for people with drug problems.

Phone: (07) 543 3010


LINC helps people with community-based support, education and recovery programmes to help reduce the harm caused by drugs while living in their own home.

Phone: (07) 578 6075

Live For More

Live for More uses surf therapy to reach troubled young men and empower them to turn their lives around. They work with 17-25 year old young men who are caught up in lifestyles of drugs, alcohol, crime, gangs, prison and violence.

Phone: (07) 577 6798

Madison Centre

The Madison Centre is a live-in house that uses a former motel to give people a safe place while they get help from other service providers.

Phone: (07) 577 1791

Maori Women’s Welfare League

The Maori Women’s Welfare League helps families with health, alcohol and drug abuse, violence and working with other agencies to support whānau.

Phone: (07) 571 3746

Ngāi Te Ahi – Ngāti He Hauora

Waipu Hauora works in Maungātapu to help youth, family and whānau reduce the harm caused by drugs, and other health problems.

Phone: (07) 544 8793

Ngāti Kahu Hauora

Helping people understand and treat their drug problem within a kaupapa Maori framework. There is also a GP service and other support through the holistic approach: ki te taha hinengaro, te taha wairua, te taha tinana, te taha whānau me nga uri o te hapu katoa.

Phone: (07) 576 0160 or 0800 760160

Ngāti Ranginui Iwi

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ranginui Iwi offers a range of free integrated services, to support whānau and individuals transitioning from a state of Tapu to Noa while providing trauma informed therapeutic or educational services that are responsive to the needs of whānau.
Phone: 0800 494 6262

Pirirakau Hauora Charitable Trust

Pirirakau Hauora works with a network of local health providers to support you with drug and other health problems. This includes helping children, teenagers and adults who are being harmed by the use of drugs in their community.

Phone: (07) 552 4573

Rau o te Huia

Rau O Te Huia operates a 10 bed live in care house for tangata whaiora in a kaupapa Maori environment. They provide you with full time or part time care to help reduce the harm caused by drugs.

Phone: (07) 571 5136

SociaLink Tauranga Moana

SociaLink works to connect and support social service agencies focused on improving our community in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Phone: (07) 578 6664

Sorted – Youth Alcohol & Drugs Service

Sorted is a confidential service that helps youth looking for information and help on alcohol and drugs. Youth, parents or whānau can call Sorted to talk confidentially about their drug or alcohol. You can also meet with a Sorted worker to talk about drug use and how to make changes.

Phone: (07) 557 5052 or 0800 229 7678

Stepping Stones Ministries

Stepping Stone Ministries offers a faith-based live in programme that helps men 18 and over to reduce the harm from drugs. People will live at their Koinonia Lodge for a year or more.

Phone: (07) 281 1196

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families work with government and other community groups so everyone can agree on a plan to move forward. Help can come from budget advisors, truancy officers, social workers, medical specialist, counsellors, and others.

Phone: 022 077 5514 or 0800 322 487

Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

The Budget Advisory Service offers free help on how to manage your money and get your finances back under control.

Phone: (07) 578 0969

Tauranga Community Housing Trust

Tauranga Community Housing Trusts helps people and their family find safe and affordable housing in the Bay of Plenty.

Phone: (07) 571 5390

Tauranga Foodbank

Foodbank gives food parcels to families and people in need in the Tauranga region.

Phone: (07) 578 9888

Tauranga Western Bay Safer Communities

Safer Communities is a community programme that supports social agencies so people live free of drug-related harm.

Phone: (07) 577 7000

Tauranga Youth Development Team

The Tauranga Youth Development Team works with youth agencies to help youth in our region.

Phone: 027 333 6963

Te Manu Toroa Mental Health & Addiction Services

Helping parents and whānau concerned about their tamariki or rangatahi and need help to deal with drug issues.Working with agencies that provide a holistic service that includes whānau and collective ways of improving situations.

Phone: (07) 577 4911

Te Puna Hauora ki Uta ki Tai

At Te Puna Hauora helps tamariki, rangatahi, adults and whānau with alcohol and drug interventions within a kaupapa Maori framework.

Phone: (07) 571 8024 or 0800 800 508

Te Rūnanga O Ngāi Te Rangi Iwi Trust

Ngāi Te Rangi offer a number of services including CAYAD, a community action approach to engage communities in addressing conditions and environments in which young people live that increase the risk of harmful use of alcohol and drugs. Mauri Tau, an alcohol/drugs programme targeting 10-26 year olds and their whānau to help reduce the harm of drugs. And HBU, a free mobile health clinic that comes to your community.

Phone: (07) 575 3765

Te Tomika Trust

Te Tomika Trust helps people, their family and whānau with drug and alcohol problems using a kaupapa Māori framework.

Phone: (07) 578 9733

Te Tuingā Whānau

Te Tuingā Whānau works in Tauranga to help youth, family and whānau reduce the harm caused by drugs, and other health problems.

Phone: (07) 571 0875

The Salvation Army

Whether you’re considering getting help for yourself or a friend or relative, the Salvation Army Bridge will help you with alcohol or drug use and help you find ways to get things under control.

Phone: (07) 578 9329 or 0800 53 0000

Turning Point Trust

Turning Point Trust runs a range of day activities for adults so they can build on their strengths and interests, as well as support for finding jobs and building careers.

Phone: (07) 578 6934

Whaiorangā Trust

At Whaiorangā Trust they help with alcohol and drug interventions with a primary focus is the wellbeing of whānau, hapu and iwi.

Phone: (07) 544 9981

Youth Horizons

Youth Horizons supports children, young people and their families and whānau with challenging conduct and addiction problems. This includes foster housing in a family and whānau setting.

Phone: (07) 575 2639


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